Jonathan Rivers

Motivational SPeaker

A Sense of Entitlement
1st Team All Bi-City, 1st Team All Area, All-State Honorable Mention; these were the accolades I earned as a senior football player.  As a result, I was convinced any college team would be crazy not to want me.  I received letters from Auburn, Clemson, GA Southern and many others while mulling over my college decisions.  Ultimately, I decided to walk on at Auburn and create a name for myself.  When the time came to work and do just that, I chose to complain about the lack of reps I was receiving and gripe that I wasn't being given a fair shake.  After leaving the team with the desire to transfer for a better opportunity, I realized I was the one not giving myself the opportunity.  
A blank piece of paper illustrates what we are entitled to in life, NOTHING!  There will never come a time when you can accomplish your dreams or goals without giving max effort and going all in.  It is imperative to develop yourself daily because what was accomplished yesterday, may not be sufficient for what is needed today.  A sense of entitlement will create a mindset and attitude of contentment and laziness, which will ultimately lead to your personal or professional downfall.  Bear Bryant, former coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team once said, "It's not the will to win that separates the great ones, it's the will to prepare to win."  Are you prepared to be better than you were the day before?  Are you prepared to live a purpose driven life and shake the mentality of being given your dreams, rather than taking them?  If you are prepared to be great, then greatness is prepared for you.

Have a Sense of Urgency
Why put off until tomorrow, what we can accomplish today?  This is a question that permeates throughout any race, culture, sex or background.  The desire to procrastinate has taken over our better judgment of jumping on the opportunity now!  I know what you're thinking, I will go back to school when the time is right.  Once I get my money in line, I will move forward and start my own business.  When I don't have any more issues, I will follow my dreams.  While these responses may seem as if you want to have things in order before you jump, it's the exact opposite.  Listen to me; there will never be a perfect time to do anything!  If you want to be successful, you will need to leap, jump, run and pounce on your ambitions now because tomorrow isn't promised.  Eric Thomas once said he wanted to make sure he took advantage of the opportunity of his lifetime in the lifetime of his opportunity.  We must not let fear paralyze our minds and hearts, yet we must walk in faith and push through when times are hard.  Once you make your move in life, doors will begin to open.  I currently run my own motivational speaking business, co-host a college football television show and write the "Extraordinary Intentions" column for the Courier newspaper; none of the scenarios or opportunities were given to me.  I had to take advantage of my skills, desire and passion to capture my greatness.  Winners do not wait for opportunities, opportunities wait for winners!  Do not be a spectator in life, be a participator because once you start chasing your dreams, you will ultimately experience the joy of catching them!

Celebrate Others

As a Motivational Speaker, I don't believe it is my job to make people remember who I am, but I feel it is my duty to help others realize who they are! Success is predicated on building strong and fruitful relationships with others and that can only be accomplished by celebrating other people.  You are blessed with many gifts, but so are others.  You have the opportunity to change the world and make a name for yourself, but so do others.  You can become a dream chaser, then a dream catcher and experience the joy of living a purpose driven can others!  Living with a crab mentality leads to pulling others down so you can pull yourself up.  Be careful not to step on people on your way to the top because there will be no one to catch you when you fall.  Marketing is the process of satisfying exchange relationships and I will always remember something Jim Rohn said; "If you give people what they want, they will give you what you want."  Rejoice when you see someone earn their stripes because you can learn a lot from their journey on the way to your triumph.

Extraordinary Intentions are life principles and values I adhere to, in order to move from good to great on a daily basis.  I have the privilege of being a columnist for the Courier Eco Latino newspaper in Columbus, GA.  In addition to my Midweek Motivation series, I created Extraordinary Intentions with the desire to provide inspirational content with relevant life stories that will encourage and enlighten the community. 

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Focus on Self
In order to truly serve others and become a leader in this world, you must continuously focus on yourself.  It may sound counterintuitive to speak about service and focusing on self in the same sentence; however it isn't what it seems.  First, you must focus on self-sacrifice.  The ability to put the well-being and progression of others ahead of selfish ambition is difficult, but it's necessary to create a foundation of stability and trust.  As we deny ourselves, we start to develop a character that is unparalleled.  
Self control is a necessity if we want to move from where we are to where God has called us to be.  We must allow our emotions to be the best part of us, not allow our emotions to get the best of us.  One benefit of self control is being able to decipher a situation more clearly, thus minimizing the likelihood of taking false steps in life.  
John Maxwell once said you must be able to say no to the good, so you can say yes to the great!  Are you able to discipline yourself and reject the activities, people and situations that are not life giving?  As hard as it may be to say no, it is imperative to fight for your right to be great!  Discipline is a cornerstone of success, progression and personal growth.Some people have the propensity to listen to the opinions of others, thus living a life with worldly labels.  If you don't possess the courage to have love for yourself, you will not be successful.  It is the belief inside of you that will overcome any hurdle break down any barrier.  You are destined for greatness and you are destined to live a purpose driven life!  I firmly believe you?

Cherish the Process, Not the Prize

We live in a microwave society!  There are so many people that want success, fame and recognition without first putting in the work.  The funny thing about a microwave is that it will heat your food on the outside, but it may leave the core of your meal ice cold!  Once you begin to skip the small steps in life, ignore the opportunities that may not pay you money but will give you the experience and exposure, you are headed towards an ice cold meal.  One of my mentors Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, the creator of PRF Ministry once told me to never despise small beginnings.  I have been the co-host of Football Nightly Down South on the CW-GA Bama for over three years and have not gotten paid any money.  Some of you may think it's crazy, but I think it's crazy not to move on my dreams and disregard the gifts God has blessed me with.  If you chase the dream and your purpose instead of chasing money, money will never be an issue.  The process of learning how to serve, understanding how to market yourself, becoming enlightened in an area to which you were once ignorant will increase your acumen and create more opportunities in life.  Coaches like Nick Saban, Bill Belichick and coach Krzyzewski are all successful because they focus on the steps to becoming successful, rather than simply being successful.  Luke 12:34 says "For where you treasure is, your heart will be also."  Treasure the process of getting better and let your heart lead you to serving others and changing lives for the better.