Jonathan Rivers

Motivational SPeaker

I am the co-host of Football Nightly Down South, a college football television show which airs on the CW GA-BAMA, Mon-Fri @ 10:05pm EST. I do not have a degree in communications, no prior television experience and didn't have someone in the building I grew up with.  About five years ago, my wife informed me of a sports radio show called the Press Box that was available on 95.7 ESPN the Zone.  It was a caller based show, which meant I had the opportunity to call in and provide my insight into the world of sports.  I will never forget the first words that came out of my mouth during my initial call; "I love what you guys are doing and I am going to be a sports tv/radio host one day."  From that day on, I became a regular caller and consistently provided content that was high quality, insightful and entertaining.  Josh Pate, the current sports director for WLTZ and host of Football Nightly Down South was a regular stand in on the show when the host wasn't available and also had a segment every week for college football.  Our first conversation was epic, as we went back and forth about a hot button topic at the time.  After the dialogue and realizing my thought process was more than surface deep, Josh reached out to me.  He informed me some people in this business have it and some don't and I was one who had it.  At the time, he was hosting a radio show every Friday night called Friday Night Sports Focus.  I soon became his co-host and we became a fixture on the radio every Friday for almost two years.  In the meantime, what I didn't know was Josh was in the midst of getting his own television show.  During the enjoyable time of doing a sports radio show, I was asked if I would become a part of the television show when it became available.  Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity and we have been hitting college football hard for the last three years.  This is a story of passion, opportunity and desire!  I want to encourage you not to look at your present circumstance, but rather what you want your life to be.  Once you create the vision, go after your dreams with everything you have and it will become a reality.  As I close, I will leave you with my well known saying that rings before every show....LET THERE BE FOOTBALL!